1. Why Hire Professional Movers For College Moves

    Your child graduating and starting college is a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter where your child decides to continue their education, whether it be a university in the same town, or states away, there is one thing for sure — moving your child to college is stressful and emotion…Read More

  2. Reasons To Hire Commercial Movers For Your Office Relocation

    Your business is growing; so is your need for a larger office space. Moving your business from its existing location to new locations is not something that can just be done on the fly. Moving all of your office equipment, furniture, and everything else can be a huge hassle, take up a lot of time, an…Read More

  3. How To Find The The Best Moving Company When Moving To A New Home

    Moving to a new home is a huge undertaking; most people find it extremely stressful, time-consuming, and pricey. However, finding the right moving company can make all of the difference in your moving experience. Working with a reliable mover translates to a smoother, easier, and less stressful proc…Read More

  4. How to Prepare for Long Distance Moves

    Whether you are moving down the street or to another neighborhood, local moving is no walk in the park — it takes a lot of planning, coordination, and streamlined execution. Long-distance moving is a completely different beast. Whether you’re moving a state away or across the country, it’s eas…Read More

  5. 8 Things To Remember When Packing Fragile Items

    There are many stages to the moving process, from the initial consultation with a moving company to the delivery of your belongings to your new home and everything in between. One of the most stressful parts of the moving process, though, is packing. As the moving day gets closer and closer, anxiety…Read More

  6. The Hidden Health Benefits of Moving

    When asked about their personal experience with moving houses, most people respond instinctively with a cringe. Memories of anxiety, fatigue, and financial malaise seem to make the majority of movers associate the transition with stress and lack of well-being. However, most negative moving experienc…Read More

  7. Tips To Help Your Corporate Move Go Smoothly, Part Two

    Whether you are looking for local moving services, long-distance movers, or a moving company that can provide you with storage accommodations while you are waiting for your new home or office location to become free, we can help you out at Friendly Movers. We are Washington D.C.’s top local moving…Read More

  8. Tips To Help Your Office Move Go Smoothly, Part One

    Office moves, or really commercial moves of any kind, can be extra stressful if you are the one to take care of it. Granted, all moves present their own kind of stress. Whether it’s moving your family across the state or moving your business to a bigger office space across town, there are challeng…Read More

  9. What To Do A Week Before You Move

    Friendly Movers are your full service movers whether you are in Boston, Virginia, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Maryland, or elsewhere. We offer local moving services, long-distance moving services, and office moving as well. On top of that, we provide short- and long-term storage solutions for both …Read More