Moving to or from Maryland? Our full-service moving team can help! 

As many people will vouch, Friendly Movers is one of the best moving and storage companies in the area. We’ve been in the moving and storing business for many years, and we understand what our clients need, and always do our best to deliver it. We offer a variety of moving packages, but we can also offer customized moving services to meet your unique needs.

We offer custom solutions for your move to or from Maryland.

Some people reason that hiring movers is expensive, so why don’t we move our material ourselves? Later, they end up making multiple trips to their new home. If you planning to do this, don’t. If you calculate all of the expenses (time, effort and money), you will come to know that getting help from a moving company can actually end up being a more affordable option than you might think. We offer end-to-end moving services, which means we can undertake the full gamut of your moving — packing, storage and transportation. If you do not want us to pack your material, we can also supply you with boxes so that you can do the packaging yourself. Later, we will move your belongings to your new office or home.

Entrust your move to our experienced and trustworthy movers.
You can trust our moving and driving staff fully. We perform background checks on all of our movers and drivers. They have also been trained on the best practices for packaging, handling and moving material, so you can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands.

Moving and storage is a tough job. For the sake of safety at least, you should contact a professional moving company for the job. If you have some questions or concerns, or would like to learn more, contact us!