Offering reliable moving, packing and storage services for your move to Alexandria.

Moving to or from Alexandria? Need a helping hand to move your household goods? Friendly Movers is one of the leading companies dedicated to offering the best moving, packing and storage services. Whether you are moving within the city, state or across state lines, you can rely on the professional moving team in our company to do an impeccable job of packing and move your goods to any destination of your choice.

Dedicated to being your number one moving company.

At Friendly Movers, we aim to be the leading moving company. Every single one of our clients is important to us, which is reflected in the quality of work we deliver on every job. Whether you want to move an entire office, including furniture, office equipment, machinery and everyday items, or just a few smaller items from your home, we offer a package that best suits your needs. All of our personnel works with the sole aim of delivering the best service to our clients.

Your one-stop-shop for your moving and storage needs.

If you are looking for a company that can neatly pack your goods, store them or hold them in a secure facility for a specific period and also deliver them to any destination of your choice at a future date, Friendly Movers is your number one choice. We offer end-to-end local and long-distance moving services to meet your every need. If you have packed the goods already and need us only to deliver them to a specific address, we will do it. We can also pack and secure your valuable and fragile equipment, television sets, refrigerators, crockery and more before safely transporting them to their new destination.