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Reasons To Hire Commercial Movers For Your Office Relocation

Your business is growing; so is your need for a larger office space. Moving your business from its existing location to new locations is not something that can just be done on the fly. Moving all of your office equipment, furniture, and everything else can be a huge hassle, take up a lot of time, and require a lot of your personnel to make it happen. But here’s the thing, your employees weren’t hired because of their packing and moving skills. They’ve got enough on their plate, as do you as a business owner.

Having to juggle tasks and important deadlines make work hard enough, so rather than adding ‘Come Up With A Plan For Office Relocation’ to your list, you can save yourself – and your employees – the headache of moving by letting a commercial moving company help you with your office relocation. Hiring licensed and insured commercial movers to assist in your relocation can take a great amount of stress off of your shoulders. At Friendly Movers, our team of experienced movers specialize in commercial moves for businesses large and small. Whether you’re moving your office within the same high rise or you’re looking to move a few cities away, our movers share the benefits of hiring a commercial moving company for your office relocation.


The most obvious reason to let professional movers assist in your business relocation is that they have the knowledge, experience, and skills to properly and efficiently pack your office belongings, such as desks, computers, copiers, and other office equipment. Chances are that experienced commercial moving companies have completed numerous jobs and are well-versed when it comes to knowing what to move and how to move to ensure everything stays safe and secure during the moving process.


Ever try disassembling office cubicles or conference room tables without the right equipment? With all the desks, heavy electronic equipment, and furniture in the office that will need to be transported to the new location, special equipment will be needed to help take some of the load off. Reliable commercial movers will have the specialized moving equipment needed to make an office relocation job move along safely and efficiently. Trying to find this specialty moving equipment on your own is not only difficult, but it’s also expensive – it’d be much better to invest in replacing that broken copier Karen keeps emailing you about.


Moving to a new office can be very stressful and overwhelming, not only for the business owner but for the employees as well. If you are looking for a solution to reduce employee stress surrounding the big move, hiring commercial movers can help out quite a bit. In addition to not having to do the move themselves, your employees will appreciate being able to put their workspace and items into the hands of a licensed and insured moving company. Additionally, your employees won’t be forced to move large, heavy office equipment and furniture, lessening their risk of injury and lowering morale.


The systematic skills that professional movers provide during the transport process is quite incredible. Relocating from one commercial space to another can be very tedious as there are a seemingly endless number of small details to try not to forget about. Experienced movers that have dealt with moves of all sizes, from small businesses to large agencies will have a clear, systematic process that they follow to ensure that all of your belongings are moved quickly, safely, and efficiently from Point A to Point B.


Want to save even more time and help prevent employee stress? Reputable commercial moving companies will offer packing and unpacking services to make your office relocation even easier. These services can be done outside of business hours to ensure that distractions are not a problem. If you plan properly and work with the right moving company, your employees wouldn’t have to lift a finger in terms of packing in preparation for the move and unpacking once the move is complete.

Planning an office relocation while trying to run a business is a lot to handle at once. Fortunately, hiring a commercial moving company offers relocating businesses some great benefits. If you need commercial movers in Washington DC, you can rely on Friendly Movers! Our team of licensed and insured movers has years of experience with commercial moves of all sizes under their belts. From retail shops and medical offices to corporate offices and facility centers, our team knows the ins and outs of making commercial moves smooth and successful. If you are interested in receiving an estimate for your office relocation in DC, contact our moving professionals today!


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