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The Ultimate Two-Month Moving Checklist

We do our fair share of highlighting our myriad virtues and merits here at Friendly Movers, your friendly local moving company that masterfully blends professionalism, trustworthiness, and affordability. Is affordability a word? We aren’t sure, but our point is that we don’t charge our customers an arm and a leg to take advantage of our moving services.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you can count on us to provide a safe, stress-free experience where we are on our game (so that you can worry about all the other parts of your big move).


While we provide commercial moving services to help move and store office equipment, today’s blog concerns residential moving for families. As the title no doubt gave away, we’ll be offering up the ultimate two-month moving checklist for you and yours. So, before the chaos ensues (even with a high-quality moving company like our own, avoiding a degree of mayhem is impossible), sit back, relax, and read this checklist to set you on the right path for your fast-approaching move!

Eight weeks out is a long time. Well, it certainly feels a long way away when you are eight weeks away from something, doesn’t it? But that isn’t necessarily the case when you are moving in two weeks and wondering where the last six weeks have gone!

But, the good news is that you re still eight weeks out, so you’ve got some time to do a bit of prep work to make the final four (and two, and one) weeks remaining much more smooth than they would otherwise be!

Alright, that’s enough preamble for one blog. Let’s actually dive into the aforementioned checklist.

  • Organize your thoughts, online – Here’s a positive note to start the process with — you are already doing this one, so congrats! You’ve got to have a means of organizing everything you need to do outside of simply thinking about it. Getting your thoughts organized with a Google Drive folder (or the old-fashioned way) is a great way to gain some separation from the potentially stress-inducing magnitude of it all.
  • Budget! – Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite pastime, budgeting. Whether off or online, it’s a worthwhile idea to make yourself a reasonable budget for all moving expenses you will incur during the move. In order to do this, you naturally will need to have “ballpark” estimates of what various expenses will cost. If you aren’t sure where to start, give your local moving company at Friendly Movers a call and we will provide you with an affordable, free estimate to help accelerate the process for you. And, while we are thinking about it, don’t hesitate to contact other professional movers either! We are confident with how we compare with them.
  • Remember The Endgame – The endgame, in this case, is moving to your new neighborhood. Regardless of if the reason is for quality of life, a new job, or to be near family, it’s important to remember why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. That means going to visit your new neighborhood, practically speaking! If it’s too far away, you can still do some research on your new community by looking up all kinds of information, including the local schools in your district, if you happen to have school-aged children.
  • Give Everyone Notice – Take this one with a grain of salt, in terms of who you choose to tell this early, but it’s important to give your children plenty of time to process the move. Likewise, it’s vital to give your landlord notice, if you have one. In terms of your employer, we wouldn’t recommend it at this point, unless you have a very tight bond with your boss and know that they wouldn’t find a replacement for you while you weren’t intending to be unemployed for a matter of weeks!
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So, there you have it! In future blog posts, we’ll take a look at what you need to do as the “doomsday clock” approaches 0:00. We kid, but if you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of moving, keep in mind that Friendly Movers can take care of practically everything for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or are ready to move forward! We’d love to hear from you and provide you with a world-class, stress-free moving experience.


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