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Tips To Help Your Corporate Move Go Smoothly, Part Two

Whether you are looking for local moving services, long-distance movers, or a moving company that can provide you with storage accommodations while you are waiting for your new home or office location to become free, we can help you out at Friendly Movers. We are Washington D.C.’s top local moving company because we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and clients as much as possible.

At Friendly Movers, we deliver moving bins to you. If you’d like, we’ll pack your things as well. Then we’ll safely and efficiently move your carefully packed and well-organized possessions. After everything is unpacked and ready to go, we’ll come pick up the bins as well!

I cannot praise this company enough. If there were 10 stars possible, that would be my rating. From the first contact with the receptionist every communication was clear, articulate and helpful. Lian arrived on time for my estimate, was very communicative regarding the complexity of my particular situation and figured out how to efficiently and economically complete this job. The gentlemen that came on moving day were bright, intelligent and extremely hard working. They took great care in preparing the furniture for loading. They never took a break and worked endlessly throughout the day. Upon arrival they took great care in unloading and setting everything up as needed. Absolutely every single part of this entire process was completely perfect. Again I can’t speak highly enough of this entire company. Very very grateful that they assisted me in my somewhat complicated move.” – Bonnie S., Testimonial

As Bonnie can attest, we provide on-time pickup and delivery, a variety of packing services, and home protection so you can have a worry-free move!


Seeing as how we are in the midst of a two-part blog series about how office managers can orchestrate stress-free corporate moves, we might as well discuss some particulars about that topic! Below, we continue our conversation started in part one, but not before we briefly recap the tips we provided in that blog post below.

  • Start planning ASAP – The good news is that you are here, reading a blog about office moves, so you’ve already started to some degree. Hopefully you are at least three months away from your intended move!
  • Research a moving company early – It’s a good idea to begin researching potential moving companies as soon as you can. You don’t want to feel rushed while doing your due diligence on the matter. Carefully vet each candidate on your shortlist.
  • Get rid of old equipment – Recycle or donate old equipment you don’t need anymore. Take the office relocation as an opportunity to deep clean your offices from top to bottom! Only move what you need to move!
  • Talk with IT – A great way to get IT to hate you is to keep them out of the loop when it comes to your office move. They will have a lot of work to do to ensure the transition is a seamless one, including analyzing the new space for technical capacity, moving over physical equipment, and potentially setting things up with a new internet provider. Keep them in the loop and let them plan early.

Now, let’s take a look at a few more tips to help your office move be on its merry way!


First of all, you want to make sure your clients are aware of your move. Once the move has happened, it might be worthwhile to send out a press release that you’ve moved locations. Before that, it’s a good idea to let as many clients know about your move prior to it actually happening. Send out an email blast, update your website, and put up signs/posters around your office.

Don’t stop there! You’ve got much more to do. Make sure your business cards are updated, you inform the USPS of your new address, change your letterhead and other publicity materials, and even get in touch with Google (and other local listing providers) to have your online listings updated. Finally, ensure any suppliers or vendors are informed of your move well in advance.


While it’s not realistic for your employees to handle the meta-logistics of the move, it’s important that they understand exactly what they will be responsible for in terms of their possessions and work equipment. A more experimental option is to have your staff transport their work stations and computers in their own vehicles. This can be perilous, however, as not everyone is physically capable of doing this; we’d recommend relying on a professional commercial moving company instead.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to have your employees be well-organized during the move. If the moving company is in fact moving individual work stations, your staff can be responsible for the packing and organizing portion of that task. Make sure all their boxes are labeled appropriately. Consider color-coding if you have multiple rooms you are moving into.


First of all, yes, it’s an actual profession, and secondly, it’s actually quite practical for situations like yours. A week or two after your office move is complete, we recommend hiring an art hanger to come in and hang up your artwork, academic credentials, and anything else that needs to be hung up. This will dramatically reduce the number of holes in the wall (from mistakes) and ensures the layout is aesthetically pleasing as well.


Because moves can be confusing and people tend to get on edge, it’s important to have a manager supervising employees and movers at both the old and new office locations. This will ensure all questions get answered and no misinformation gets spread. However, we’d recommend no more than one manager at each location; having more might confuse people and no one needs their wires crossed during a hectic event such as that.


Different office buildings have different sets of rules, as we are sure you are somewhat familiar with. However, you might not have thought about the fact that these new rules might impact how you need to prepare for your office move. For instance, you might only be allowed to move during non-business hours, so as not to disrupt other companies in their day-to-day operations. That could throw a wrench in proceedings, so it’s definitely worth looking into before all of your plans for the day of the move are set in stone. What’s more, you might be able to put in a special request to use the service elevator (assuming your new building has one). This could make moving heavy equipment much easier, so it’s definitely something worth asking about!


Our final tip is to take a deep breath and to let yourself enjoy the moment. Moving offices is a big deal, so don’t be afraid to budget for a small party to honor the significance of the occasion! It can serve as a “thank you” for everyone cooperating. It doesn’t have to be extravagant either — just a simple get together to show your staff how much their hard work is appreciated.

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