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Columbia, South Carolina

South Carolina Long Distance Moving

Is the idea of moving long distance dampening your excitement about starting a new phase of your life in South Carolina? It won’t have to anymore, for will take care of all your moving needs so you can have your peace of mind. Right from planning and packing your valuables to delivering them to your doorstep in South Carolina, we handle every aspect of moving with ease and precision. When you think of long distance moving, think instantly of Friendly Movers.

Making your move to Columbia a hassle-free experience

Traveling all the way from DC to Columbia itself can be exhausting. Moving your home or office can be even more tiresome, which is why you should let professional movers in DC handle it for you. Friendly Movers has been in the logistics industry for several years now and can match all your moving needs. From books, clothes and other household goods to heavy office equipment and machinery, we move anything you want from DC to Columbia, South Carolina.

Reliable Charleston long distance movers

When you have valuable goods to be transported across states, you need a reliable moving company like Friendly Movers. We are a professional moving company with many years of experience moving office and household goods across the country. When you need your valuable and everyday household goods moved from DC to Charleston, you can rely on our professionals to do the job. We are the expert when it comes to moving goods safely across the country and even overseas.

Moving to Myrtle Beach? We will move your home

Long distance moving takes time and effort. When you want goods to be transported and stored in a secure environment, you can rely on us for it. We have a wide network of warehouses where we can store your goods for you until you need them delivered. Our crew will come by to your home to give you an estimate and plan the move. We will pack your household goods and equipment right in front of you, using solid packing materials including bubble wrap, plastic sheets and cardboard cartons. We can do an entire sweep of your home and pack everything you wish to carry with you to Myrtle Beach. We can also move selected items from your home if you wish. We offer long-term and short-term storage facility for all out clients moving from DC to Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. Call us today for more information. We will be happy to help.


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