Moving to or from Laurel? Our full-service movers can help!

Home or office relocation can be a daunting task. That said, with a little bit of planning and help from professional moving companies, moving need not be so stressful after all. Whether you’re moving to or from Laurel, Friendly Movers should be your preferred moving and storage company for all your home or office shifting needs. We plan, organize and execute your home or business move according to your requirements. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your household goods or office equipment are safe, and you can move into the new premises as planned.

We’re proud to be your local, national and international relocation experts.

At Friendly Movers, we have been offering flexible and affordable relocation solutions for individuals and organizations for several years now. Whether it is packing your goods, transporting them to the preferred location or unloading them and setting them up in your new premises, we will have the best people working for you. All of our employees are highly trained and skilled in carrying out logistics activities and will ensure that every aspect of your move is taken care of, and that no damage is caused to your goods.

We offer quality packing and transportation services.

Friendly Movers uses only the best quality packing material from reputed companies to secure your goods and equipment. We use additional packing precautions, like bubble wrap or foam, to prevent delicate or fragile items from being damaged. Even the loading, transportation and unloading practices we follow are of the highest standards. Whether it is local moving, domestic or international relocation, we strictly adhere to the highest quality standards. Also, we are a licensed and insured company so you can rest assured that your goods, no matter how expensive or commonplace they are, are in safe hands from the time they are packed in your home to the time they are delivered to the new premises.