Making Friends with every move!



Wow! I am amazed at, and ecstatic with the EXCEPTIONAL, COURTEOUS, HARDWORKING, AND DILIGENT service I received from Friendly Movers. Allow me to be more specific so that you as the READER do NOT dismiss this posting as a sham, or staged posting. My name is James, I recently relocated within Maryland, and I enlisted the services of Friendly Movers. To start, they arrived promptly! Unfortunately, they arrived to my resident a person short due to security and access restrictions (i.e., I resided on a military post and one of the movers inadvertently forgot a necessary piece of identification for installation access). Initially, I viewed this as a problem as I had quite-a-bit in the way of quantity and mass to move, and they only had three (3) to service this entire load. However, never in my wildest imagination could I have predicted these movers’ fortitude, tenacity, perseverance, and dedication! Specifically, Oscar and Saoub (please excuse the spelling, or rather misspelling) were absolutely AMAZING. The third assistant was also helpful in the overall process, but the first two gentlemen were EXCEEDINGLY diligent, hardworking, dedicated, assisting, focused, and tenacious. THESE MOVERS WERE AMAZING! I am so glad that I invested in their service; it cost me a pretty penny, but it was well worth the expense. I am a believer that one pays for what one gets, and QUALITY is what I received. Lastly, but important to know is that everything didn’t go as planned. We had a minor mishap in which an item was slightly damaged. However, the administration, specifically Tyra is exceedingly helpful in resolving this matter, thus far. This should lend creditability to this post, knowing that everything doesn’t always go as planned; however, it is a much better situation when the company is assisting in determining an amicable solution, and does NOT leave customers in limbo. I will keep you as the general public and potential customer abreast of developments in this situation. Thank you Friendly Movers for the wonderful experience.

James S.


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